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The Post Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate (PP-OTD) Student Experience

Posted on Monday October 2, 2023

For those of you, like myself, who attended an OT entry-level bachelors or master’s program, the increase in occupational therapy doctorate programs posed many questions for practitioners in the field. Many practitioners have asked “what does this mean for my career?” and “what does this mean for the profession?”. However, the shift from masters to doctorate level terminal degrees reflected the transition that occurred in occupational therapy from a bachelors to master’s degree by 2007. In previous years, a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy was the terminal degree. 

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The Power of Occupation Centered Assessment Tools

Posted on Wednesday July 12, 2023

Years ago there was an initiative to increase the use of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) at my workplace. I was familiar with the tool from school but honestly I’m not sure if I had ever used it in practice. I felt that I had honed my ability to both develop a strong occupational profile and to develop client centered goals. I knew my clients and what they wanted to focus on in OT… or so I thought. 

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OT, Diversity, and Applying to OT School!

Posted on Sunday April 16, 2023


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Posted on Wednesday February 1, 2023

Welcome to the Moxie OT Blog for professionals. This will be a space to support occupational therapy practitioners to provide excellent occupational therapy services. Here we will provide additional information to support your use of evidence based practice beyond the podcast. This will also be a space where we can discuss other topics impacting the profession at large and our own personal practice.

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