Frequently Asked Questions

How does mobile OT work?
Dr. Zera will come to you anywhere in Chicagoland! The beauty of participating in mobile OT is that we work on your goals in the places you perform those goals! Having difficulty organizing your school work? We can work on it right away in your workspace with your materials. Added bonus, no need for you to figure out transportation!

Do I need a doctor’s order?
Skilled occupational therapy services require a physician's order. You can call your doctor and ask for an order for “OT eval and treat”. The physician can fax it directly to Dr. Zera at 773-257-9112. A prescription is not required for wellness services. Wellness services are not considered "medically necessary" and are typically not covered/reimbursed by insurance.

Do you accept health insurance?
Moxie OT is a participating provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and Medicare. Moxie OT is out-of-network with all other major medical plans (including Medicare Advantage plans).

How do out-of-network benefits work?
You may be able to utilize out-of-network benefits to get reimbursed for occupational therapy services. Verify with your plan before scheduling your occupational therapy evaluation. A superbill will be provided to you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept credit/debit cards (including HSA cards), checks, and cash.

How much do your services cost?
For clients paying with cash, check, or credit care the occupational therapy evaluation is $150. Occupational therapy treatment sessions cost $150. Group interventions are $50.
Package pricing can be purchased for five visits or 10 visits.

Do you offer group services?
Yes! There is excellent evidence demonstrating that group interventions benefit participants even more than one on one interventions. Dr. Zera is experienced in providing beneficial group interventions and has even completed research on the topic. Moxie OT provides group interventions for groups of three to six members.

What is the procedure for getting started?
Contact Moxie OT through our website or call us at 312-210-0523. We will provide a free consultation to determine if Moxie OT is a good fit for you and answer your questions. Next, we’ll schedule your occupational therapy evaluation. Intake paperwork will be sent to you electronically to be completed before your evaluation. If you will be using your insurance we request a copy of your card prior to services.

Can you provide services outside of the Chicago Metro area?
Dr. Zera is licensed in the state of Illinois. If you are an Illinois resident outside of Dr. Zera’s service area you can still receive occupational therapy services via telehealth.

Do I need to be home-bound to receive mobile occupational therapy services?
No, mobile OT services are available in your home or in the community where you do the things you need to do and want to do. Mobile OT services are NOT the same as home health services. For Medicare, home health is covered through Medicare Part A and for mobile services it is covered through Medicare Part B.

How are you handling COVID safety?
Dr. Zera is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and limits her interactions within the community to maintain her safety and yours. Dr. Zera wears a mask during all in person services. All equipment is sanitized immediately after use. If you are not comfortable working with Dr. Zera in person, telehealth is available.

Good Faith Estimate Notice:
Under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, if you are not enrolled in a health insurance plan, a Federal health care program, or are not seeking to file a claim with your plan or coverage you have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" both orally and in writing of expected charges. Please call 312-210-0523 to discuss the coast of services and request your Good Faith Estimate.