Using Audiobooks After a Stroke or Brain Injury

Did you know audiobooks play a significant role in promoting disability rights and accessibility for individuals with disabilities?  Audio books can provide an inclusive and equitable way for people to read after a stroke or brain injury. If your vision was impacted by a stroke or brain injury it may be challenging to see the whole page, concentrate on the page, or focus your eyes on the page. 

Additionally, audiobooks can be combined with other formats, such as e-books to create multimodal learning experiences. This approach caters to the preferences of the individual allowing them to engage with content in ways that suit their unique abilities.

There are a number of different ways to access audiobooks. Here are a few of our favorites. 

National Library Services for the Blink and Print Disabled 

  • Provides FREE resources for audio books and other audio reading materials. 


  • For a monthly fee you can download one audiobook a month. The books is yours to keep. 

Your local library. 

  • This is my personal favorite. I can download books right from my library’s app and listen right away. Ask your local librarian about audiobook options.