Transportation in Chicago after a Stroke or Brain Injury


Our ability to get to the places we need to go to or want to go to drastically impact our ability to to do things in life that are meaningful to us. Transportation impacts the things we need to do like going to the doctor, the things we want to do like going to the beach or the movies, and the things we are expected to do like purchasing groceries for our family. Some people can no longer drive car or use public transportation after a stroke or brain injury.

In Chicagoland we are fortunate to have several options to help us get to the places we need to go.

If you have a qualifying disability you can apply for paratransit services. This is a service that will pick you up door to door within the coverage area of the regional transit authority. We invite you to learn more about paratransit and to apply.

Some people who no longer drive after a stroke or brain injury use ride share options like Uber and Lyft. If you have a smart phone you can call these services right from your phone. Another nice thing about these options is it’s very easy for a family member to call the car for you, even if they are not physically with you. Uber also has a service for people with disabilities.

Sometimes it can be helpful to create a regular schedule with family or friends. You can make a plan to have a friend give you a ride to your book study each week or schedule a regular grocery shopping trip with a family member.

Elevated CTA Train

For some people it is unclear if it is safe to return to driving after a stroke or brain injury. You can work with a drivers rehabilitation specialist to help you assess your safety with driving. Here in Chicago there are a number of occupational therapists who provide rehabilitation for driving. Find a drivers rehabilitation programs in Chicagoland.

Sometimes people who work with an occupational therapist to practice using public transportation, learn to use a car ride service, or create plans with others to help with driving. If you would like to learn more about how occupational therapy can help with transportation options contact us at Moxie OT today.