Planning a Road Trip After a Stroke or Brain Injury

When you are feeling ready to hit the road after a stroke or brain injury, a little extra planning can make a road trip a lot more fun.

Plan plenty of pit stops. You might need extra bathroom breaks or you might need to stretch your legs more often. Plan to take a break every few hours.

Consider what you will need to pack. Will you be staying with friends or family? Do they have a shower chair or tub bench? If not you might need to pack yours or rent one from a local Durable Medical Equipment Supplier. Sometimes your host might have a friend or neighbor they can borrow equipment from. What activities will you be doing on your vacation? Will there be a lot of walking? You can also reserve a short term rental of a wheelchair at your destination. Be sure to call ahead to rent any equipment you might need in advance.

If you are staying in a hotel room, request an accessible room. Hotels also have equipment such as shower chairs that you can request. If you have specific needs such as a grab bar in a particular location, call ahead to ask about the setup of the room. You may need to call more than one hotel to find one that meets your needs.

Spend some time exploring resources at your destination. There are many accessible ways to enjoy your travel destination. Many beaches provide sand wheelchair rentals, music and sports venues have accessible seating, and many cities have accessible public transportation and taxis. For more information about accessible travel check out

If you need help planning your road trip after a stroke or brain injury an occupational therapist can help. To learn more contact us today.