Understanding Long COVID and How Occupational Therapy Can Help

Long COVID is a term used to describe the long-term effects of COVID-19 on people who have been infected. It refers to the chronic symptoms experienced by some people after they have recovered from the virus. Symptoms can range from fatigue and joint pain to brain fog, shortness of breath, cognitive impairments, and depression. Long COVID affects people differently, with some experiencing mild symptoms while others may suffer more serious long-term health issues. As research continues on this condition, it is becoming increasingly clear that Long COVID is a real phenomenon that needs to be taken seriously. Luckily occupational therapy can help!

Occupational therapy plays an important role in helping people cope with the long-term effects of COVID-19. Through evidence-based practice, occupational therapists are able to assess the needs of people with Long COVID and develop individualized treatment plans that address their physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Occupational therapy can help patients regain daily functioning, improve quality of life, and manage symptoms such as fatigue and pain. By providing a holistic approach to care, occupational therapists can help people with Long COVID return to the activities that are meaningful to them! Caring for their grandchildren, fishing, going to work, occupational therapy can help people get back to life’s most important activities.

Occupational therapy is an effective way of managing Long COVID symptoms and helping individuals to restore their physical and mental health. Occupational therapy can help individuals get back to their daily routines and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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